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Our Product Research Process
Here at Real Sleep, we purpose to bring precise, impartial analyses, and latest brand information based on verified buyer experiences. We have collected enough proprietor and consumer experiences from numerous online sources. With this, we’ve made our data-grounded evaluations of pillows, mattresses, and other sleep accessories.

Our objective is to help you sleep. When it comes to this, we are your one-stop-shop for resources, education, and sleep accessories. Getting proper sleep leads to better health and improved quality of life. We believe that a better night’s sleep equals a better you!

We have prepared a thorough product research process and data collection breakdown below. An analysis in generating performance ratings is also included.

Our Data Set
To create our product assessments, we employ the following general sources:

Product Review Websites
Our data originates from sleep product assessment websites, depending on the exact make and model. In the world of sleep accessories, false and bogus online review sites are widespread. Therefore, we do our best to maintain authenticity.

Some proprietors can be compensated to endorse specific brands and approving certain models. To provide accurate data, we dodge such sites as a statute. Instead, we narrow our emphasis on reliable review sites that offer neutral, unaffiliated information. Such include Consumer Reports.

We scrutinize the source of people’s posts on mattresses, pillows, and sleep accessories before including them in our review. We have to be sure that these people aren’t campaigning for the product or brand they are adding. Also, our reviews ensure they have no connection with the brands or products they are posting.

Retail Product Pages
Consumer reviews posted on online product pages are also contributors to our research process. We consider exclusively online retailers such as and This is due to the number of services these prominent retailers have in the broader market.

Also, we reflect brick-and-motor brands that sell sleep accessories as well as a robust online presence. Such include Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and Target. We evaluate each review twice to ensure none of them are phony and that the comments are not sponsored. This eliminates bias.
Compensation for bias and allied rewarding can be through finances or other means.

Discussion Boards
Most of our information is founded on consumer experiences and analyses sent in web forums and discussion panels. We perform an extensive search for every product review by reading authentic threads within online societies of all sizes. Then, we gather and validate each post to ensure it is legal and related to our study.

Domestic Product Testing
In-house product testing seems to be a promising tactic for evaluating products and brands. We are considering using the approach to examine the quality of a mattress as well as that of a pillow. We plan on verifying each mattress category we have to be sure of the excellence and durability.

We shall involve customers during this process so as to have testimonies on the transparency of our reviews.
Publicly Accessible Information
Product manufacturers or brands provide their product descriptions or market claims. We do not use these direct comments to generate consumer or performance ratings. The majority of these companies, however, provide detailed product provisions and company info that we use in our make and model profiles.
It includes details such as:
• Available sizes
• Material composition
• Current price-points (for each available size)
• Country of manufacture
• Weight
• Care instructions
• Warranty info
• Product accessibility (both online and brick-and-motor sources)
• Company history (contact info and years in business)
• Shipping and delivery policies
• Dimensions in length, width, and thickness
• Sleep trial and return policies
• Product firmness (if applicable)
Our Data Set Constituents

User-Submitted Reviews
Everybody has their experiences when it comes to mattresses, pillows, and sleeping accessories. We could use those experiences and testimonies on how well you like the brand you are using and the previous ones.
In as much as they are invalid for reviews, according to our business code of ethics, we would know how these brands have influenced your sleeping comforts.

Our Uniqueness
Our Comprehensiveness provides full coverage for all sleep accessories. This ranges from bedding and mattresses to alarm clocks, and other sleep accessories. These products are constant to change in terms of material composition, availability, pricing, and other crucial factors important to consumers.

Rarely, we will not gather adequate client information to create what we consider to be precise product evaluations. We believe in quality accompanied by uniqueness. Thus, we are comprehensive in our reviews, and you will only find the best here!

We Are User-Friendly
It is not an easy achievement to create your ideal sleep environment, considering the many brands and products in the market. Usually, first-time shoppers have strict specifications on what they are looking for in each item.
They have different tastes and preferences on mattresses, pillows, and sleep accessories before spending their first dollar on it.

Our evaluation tool is forthright and easy to use. Besides, we offer a wide range of specific brand and model reviews. With this, you can confine to the specifics of each accessory, mattress, or pillow. This will depend on what catches your eye and fulfills your desire.

We know you value the best, and that’s why our product review includes the best that you will find in the market.

Our Precision
Data precision is one of our top priorities. Hence, Real Sleep turns every table to make sure that we provide our readers with accurate information, the latest, and thoughtful of customer experiences. Therefore, we have launched parameters for our rating procedures. To generate precise ratings, we perform the following:
• We give each reviewable product an exact reference point for customer experiences and independent sources founded on feedback handiness.

Our team collects enough data to evaluate the factors to consider when looking for the best mattresses, pillows, and sleeping accessories.

When we are confident that we’ve collected enough reviews, then we will suppress ratings for that product or brand until we have sufficient data.
This information is available on our website on specific items in review.

• We examine every consumer analysis to ensure it meets our ideals for quality. To fulfill our standard attributes, we have to be sure that you own the product or brand. This is because these people are in a position to take us through a detailed process on the production process.

Besides, they can provide information on how long their industry has been in operation. There is a minimum period we insist on for manufacturers to qualify to be a part of our review.

• Our quality team will authenticate consumer experience assessments to determine its preciseness in terms of quality and excellence.

We Are Impartial
Nothing matters most like impartiality. We wouldn’t want to smear our clients with false and biased information on mattresses, pillows, and sleeping accessories.
We are sure that, partially or entirely, you rely on our information to find the best products and brands in brick-and-motor stores and online platforms.

For more and detailed information, visit our site. We also take the time to answer your questions.
We Are Here to Assist!
If you want to learn more about brands and products, and sleep accessories, check our contact centers. An associate of our team will punctually respond to make sure all of your queries are answered.

Why is this Product Missing some Data or Rankings?
Sometimes, your product of preference may not be included in our reviews. This does not mean than we disregard them. No! If you find the commentary empty, just know that we could not get sufficient information on that product.
However, we will keep updating, and you are always welcome to check. Also, contact us if you have any questions or need clarity in some products or brands and their specifics.

How to Choose the Best Pillow
Very many people have insomnia globally as well as other sleep-linked issues. The leading cause of these health problems results from bad choices when buying pillows. If a pillow is incapable of supporting a good sleeping posture, chances are you’ll develop these problems.

This problem has several possible solutions, and it starts with selecting a high-quality pillow. What’s a high-quality pillow? It’s the one that is combined with supportive properties. Chances are, you know, your preferred sleeping position.

What Design Factors are Needed for a Perfect Pillow?
There are many different categories of pillows in the market. Each pillow has a specific design and specifications that are essential for various purposes. There are vital features worth considering:

• Pillow Size
A pillow’s size is a crucial factor to consider. It can play a vital role in guaranteeing that you stay asleep all night. If it’s too large, it might become too bulky and may disrupt your sleep cycle. Also, it may cause discomfort consistently.

• Pillow Firmness
This selection ensures a comfortable natural sleeping position. Many people will go for an average firm pillow for a suitable support amount on their bodies. Some may prefer firmer ones, for they experience adverse side effects of the soft one.

Lengthy sleeping periods with an overly-soft pillow might result in chronic back and neck pains. Thus, pillow choice impacts healthy living.
• Pillow Loft
For people who sleep on either side, this factor is more important. A higher loft is vital in maintaining body alignment and reduce pressure on specific body parts.

Choosing the Right Mattress
When deciding on the right mattress, there are several factors worth considering. This involves your budget as well as the firmness of the mattress you are set to purchase. Each part of your decision heavily relies on your personal preference.

Did you know there is a recommendation on how often you should get a new mattress? It should be after every eight years. If you didn’t know, now you know. This factor varies depending on the usage and type of mattress.
However, some accessories should be swapped sooner than others. These include the innerspring mattresses and the pillowtop.

How Does Your Budget Affect Your Mattress Purchase?
Our site provides this information in detail.
At times, our budget can limit you to some mattress types. Other determinants include are where to purchase and their qualities. Mattresses are available in both in-stores and brick-and-motor stores.

According to studies, prices in retail stores anywhere from between 300% and 1000%. Quite big, right? Typically, a queen-sized mattress cost around $1,000. However, this cost varies depending on the brand of choice.
General rules to follow when deciding on your mattress budget:

• Don’t rush for the cheapest (will result in the mattress of low quality)
• Don’t go with the costliest (doesn’t mean high quality)

This denotes how hard or soft the mattress feels. Some vendors will associate comfortability with soft mattresses. However, don’t buy it! This brings confusion among buyers. We have reviewed this and here’s firmness on a global scale.

The scale ranges from 1-10, where one is very soft, and ten is very firm.
• 3-4: soft mattress
• 5-6: middle-medium firm mattress
• 7-8: medium-firm mattress
According to our research, the middle-medium firm mattress is the most preferred.
Firmness is relative depending on the person defining it, as different people have different preferences. Other contributing factors to stability include:

• body weight
• body type
• body size, among others.

Mattress firmness does not equate to mattress support. A mattress with both durability and comfort is the one that retains your spine in appropriate alignment without making any pressure points on it.
Firmness relates to how comfortable a consumer feels on the mattress. Thus, the firmness’s optimal level depends on your feeling. Determining this from an online vendor can be difficult, and that is why our site offers detailed data to help you make informed choices.

Know Your Sleeping Position
This factor influences your choice for an ideal mattress as well. All of us have different sleeping positions. Some even feel natural compared to others.
Here are the most respective sleeping positions:
• Side sleepers: these have their legs moving all night. While this might be natural, it may cause trouble on your lower abdomen. Thus, the ideal mattress for this group is soft to medium firmness.
• Back sleepers: this category calls for firmness and support of a higher level. Why? Their pressure points can develop on soft mattresses as they don’t offer the correct push back amount for the body.
• Stomach sleepers: this category requires higher support mattresses. Much of their body force originates from the torso; thus, a bed to keep it consistent with your body is the best choice.
Bodyweight Considerations
Many people don’t expect their body mass have any influence on their mattress choices. Yet, their weight will affect the materials in a great deal.
There’s no science proving this theory, but it doesn’t hurt to follow a few rules of thumb during your selection.
• Light sleepers (150lbs and below)
Many universal mattresses (comfort) are manufactured for weights between 150-200 pounds. If it’s less, aim for lesser.
• Average sleepers (150-200lbs)
They have the advantage of getting universal mattress standards. Go for medium, luxury, or medium firm.
• Heavy sleepers (200lbs+)
These people exert more pressure on their mattresses. Weighty people should look into the 6-8 category.

Where Should You Begin?
We indorse starting with our guides to product brands, types, and models. This will assist in understanding what to expect in terms of sleep quality, price-point, and customer experience. These factors will be based on your mass, height, and favorite sleep position.

Also, you can use our comparison engine to confine your selections based on brand and type, firmness, price, and customer satisfaction score. When you collect the information you require, we encourage you to visit the brand’s official page on the firm’s website.

If your desired product is exclusively retailed in brick-and-motor stores, make notes about the models and brands that interest you the most before making an in-store visit.

In Conclusion
Sleep influences human existence in many different ways. Do you want to do all in your power to be able to sleep like a champ seven nights a week? Then our guide can achieve a lot for you.
Getting adequate sleep can make you a lot less susceptible to diseases of all kinds. To avoid those frequent sick calls at work from home, then you need to prioritize being able to sleep soundly every night.

Questions, Remarks, Concerns?
See something erroneous or that requires to be updated?
Contact us. We are available 24/7 and want to make sure that you get the information you require. Therefore, let us know how we can assist.

Want to comment on reviews of your experience with a specific mattress, pillow, or sleep accessories?
Visit our site and submit your reviews. Currently, we do not use user-submitted reviews these for our customer gratification scoring and sleep ranking. However, we still are interested in knowing about your experiences.
Do you want to be the picture of radiant wellness? Then establish a robust relationship with your pillow and bed.