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Does Going Gluten-Free Affect Your Sleep? Plus 3 More 'Sleep Diets'

Does Going Gluten-Free Affect Your Sleep? Plus 3 More 'Sleep Diets'

Quality sleep and your diet are often linked. We wondered how certain diets, like gluten-free diets or the 'before 6 p.m. diet' might affect your sleep -- and also how different sleep patterns might affect your ability to maintain or lose weight. Here's what medical science thinks about a few recent sleep diet trends.


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The Real Sleep Makeover: Sleepless Military Mom Gets a Bedroom Upgrade from Our Design Pros

Maegan Swabb and her California-based team of interior design and bedrom decor experts help an exhausted mother get the Real Sleep x REAL SIMPLE sleep makeover she and her family truly deserve.
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The Insomniac's Dilemma: Your Brain Can Trick You into Thinking You're Awake When You're Actually Sleeping

According to Medical News Today, a self-proclaimed insomniac's brain may not even be aware of when they are, in fact, asleep. This phenomenon has been labeled by scientists as "sleep misperception."