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Need better sleep? Here we share expert tips, techniques and tricks for the sleep of your dreams.

real sleep makeover bedroom mom meagan swabb interior design

The Real Sleep Makeover: Sleepless Military Mom Gets a Bedroom Upgrade from Our Design Pros

Maegan Swabb and her California-based team of interior design and bedrom decor experts help an exhausted mother get the Real Sleep x REAL SIMPLE sleep makeover she and her family truly deserve.
Here Are 6 Plants to Beautify Your Bedroom for a Better Night's Sleep this Earth Day

Here Are 6 Plants to Beautify Your Bedroom for a Better Night's Sleep this Earth Day

There are many ways to honor Mother Nature, and one delightful option is to plant a garden or grow houseplants inside your home. But why stop at the backyard, kitchen or living room when one of the best places to shares your love of greenery is your own bedroom?
sleepwear trends pajama party floral lingerie lace lingerie sleep

Pajama Party! 10 Trendy New Lingerie and Sleepwear Looks for Summer 2018

Whether you're looking for the latest trendy sleepwear, some light and cozy ways to fall asleep fast or a sultry nightie to set your sex drive (or your partner's) into high gear, we've got something for everyone.
insomnia sleeping woman ways to sleep better

The Insomniac's Dilemma: Your Brain Can Trick You into Thinking You're Awake When You're Actually Sleeping

According to Medical News Today, a self-proclaimed insomniac's brain may not even be aware of when they are, in fact, asleep. This phenomenon has been labeled by scientists as "sleep misperception."