The”Queen of Burlesque” gives you a glimpse inside her kitchen, living area andyes, her bedroom

Possessing a one-of-a-kind fashion isn’t for everyone.


“However, it’s not true. I just love to be surrounded by matters of glamour and beauty.”

In Reality for 25 years Von Teese (a self-proclaimed”aesthetic control freak”) has curated an collection of curios: classic pinup artwork, infrequent burlesque memorabilia and… packed birds?

“I collect classic or moral taxidermy — meaning that the animals died naturally. I think that they’re beautiful.”

To Properly house her broad selection, Von Teese, 40, gave her five-bedroom pad a”full makeover,” converting two bedrooms to closets and wallpapering almost the entire home.

“I can not stand contemporary, white interiors,” she says. “IKEA is my worst nightmare! ”

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