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Sleeping Tips for New Parents: Staying Rested and Refreshed

Nothing disrupts sleep more than the arrival of a baby. As an expectant parent, you probably think you know what’s coming. But, you won’t fully understand the drain of sleep deprivation until it hits you squarely in the face. But don’t worry. There are some things you can do to help prepare for those long nights. By following these sleep tips for new parents, you can stay rested and refreshed.

Try These Sleeping Tips for New Parents

Becoming a new parent is going to disrupt your sleep, but with a little preparation, you can minimize the impact and get some rest.

  • Set up a separate bed in the baby’s room to minimize nighttime disturbances for your partner.
  • Invest in a good bed if yours is not working for you any longer. Changes in your body and sleep patterns may require a new mattress.  Pay special attention to the resiliency of the mattress. For example, a memory foam mattress, like Real Sleep™ by Real Simple™ that doesn’t bounce.  
  • Take a nap whenever your baby sleeps and let others take over occasionally so you can rest for a longer period.
  • Carve out some time each day to do something for yourself.  Even if it’s just 15 minutes to start to read a book, go for a short walk or rocking out to your favorite music driving in the car.
  • Don’t try to do it all. Take these first few months to focus as much as possible on your baby and pay attention to your body and getting enough rest. Give yourself a break and reduce stress for a better night’s sleep.

Set Up a Bed in the Baby’s Room

Late night feeding duty does not need to involve both parents. You are going to be better off if one person is up and the other is getting a good night’s sleep. That way, you aren’t both walking around like zombies.

As long as you have room, it’s best to set up a twin bed in the baby’s room. That way you can grab a nap between feedings, and you won’t disturb your partner during the night. Since your partner was able to rest, they can then take over in the morning or take a turn the next night, so that you can grab a good night’s sleep.


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Focus on Your Baby

Feelings of stress increase when you feel fatigued. Little things that wouldn’t normally bother you become obstacles you can’t seem to overcome. New parents must cope with a lot a stress and this makes it hard to sleep which adds even more stress. It is a vicious circle.

So, the most important sleep tip for new parents is to reduce stress. You should focus on your baby and let everything else take care of itself.

There is nothing wrong with letting the house go for a few weeks. Have a friend or a family member come by to help with the cleaning. Minimize outside commitments and just explain to people that you need to stay home and rest. Taking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do for your new baby.

Grab a Nap Whenever Possible

In the beginning, your new baby won’t stay awake for long periods of time, but they wake up every couple of hours. That means you should be able to squeeze in some short naps for yourself.

If you are the parent who handles most of the nighttime feedings, then ask someone else to take over in the early evening so that you can grab a longer ‘nap.’ This extra sleep can help keep you clear headed throughout the night. If you’re breastfeeding, try to pump so that others can feed your baby and you can get some rest.

Just make sure that both you and your partner grab sleep whenever possible. This might be hard at first, so we recommend purchasing a mattress that allows you to fall asleep fast. The Real Sleep™ by Real Simple™ mattress provides excellent comfort and pressure relief.