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Sleep and Health: The Best Hypoallergenic Mattress

Do you suffer from allergies? Does your child have asthma? According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, Dust mites and their waste products are common causes of year-round allergies and asthma, and your mattress is their primary breeding ground. So, what do you do? Where can you find a mattress that is resistant to dust mites? What is the best mattress for allergies and how can it provide you some much-needed relief?

What Is a Dust Mite?

Chances are you have never seen a dust mite. That is because they are too small for you to view with the naked eye. Mites have no respiratory system and measure only one-third of a millimeter. Once magnified, you will see that they are white bugs with eight legs.

Adults live two to four months, and each female lays about 100 eggs during her life. It does not take long for dust mites to multiply in a hospitable environment.

Dust mites serve a purpose. They help clean up the environment.  A mite survives by feeding on the tiny flakes of skin that you shed each day. This shedding is a continual process and just a part of your normal life cycle.

Your mattress traps the skin cells, as do blankets, pillows, and even your those stuffed animals on your child’s bed. Those items then become the ideal place for mites to thrive. This can lead to problems with allergies and asthma for a lot of people.

The allergy is to the waste of the dust mites, not the mites themselves. Inside the waste is a protein that acts as an allergen. Sensitive individuals react when this allergen contacts their body through inhalation or ingestion. The result is sneezing, coughing, itching, rashes, and even dizziness.

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How Can You Control Dust Mites?

Vacuuming and dusting the house on a frequent basis is not enough to remove dust mites and their waste. Up to 95% of mites may remain after cleaning because they live deep inside the upholstery or your mattress. A vacuum is just not strong enough to reach them.

Because of this, you will never completely eliminate them entirely from your home. However, as we said, the primary breeding ground for dust mites is your mattress. Therefore, if you can remove them from inside your mattress, then you can significantly reduce your exposure. Without the ill effects of the allergen, you can enjoy a better night’s sleep and better overall health.

REAL SLEEP™ by Real Simple™ Resists Dust Mites

The REAL SLEEP™ exclusive FloraFlex open cell foam structure naturally resists dust mites. The mattress is anti-microbial and covered in a breathable organic cotton mattress cover. This breathable cover keeps your bedding dry, which deprives the bugs of the moist environment they enjoy most.

Allergy and asthma sufferers find that the REAL SLEEP™ by Real Simple™ Mattress provides relief from their allergy symptoms. Because it resists dust mites, it is the best mattress for allergies. As an extra bonus, it also provides lasting support, making your whole body feel rejuvenated and restored.