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The Real Sleep Makeover: Sleepless Military Mom Gets a Bedroom Upgrade from Our Design Pros

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Military mom Sandy Hanson spent too many nights lying awake, stressing about all the things she needed to get done the next day -- including home schooling her four kids. Enter interior design expert Maegan Swabb and California-based team of bedroom decor (and beyond!) experts, who help this exhausted mother get the Real Sleep x REAL SIMPLE sleep makeover she and her family truly deserve.

"I wake up in the middle of the night just thinking about what I need to do tomorrow," Sandy tells Maegan in the video above. "I do have trouble sleeping and I wake up tired, so I could definitely use some hints and help with getting better sleep."

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Number one on Maegan's list for helping Sandy in her sleep quest? Adding drapery and window treatments, first of all, which the designer says will make the space feel so much better. Considering how much natural light Sandy's bedroom gets -- which is great during the daytime! -- the blinds situation she currently has going on isn't going to cut it in the early morning hours when she needs a few extra zzz's.  

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Next, Maegan advises Sandy to bring in an area rug. "It's imperative to have a rug underneath your bed, so that when you wake up in the morning you have something nice and soft to put your feet on."

What else? A few decorative pillows, of course. "Throw pillows added to the bed dress it up a little," Maegan recommends. The design team chose pillows in the blues that Sandy loves, as well as some neutral natural tones. "We really went for it with bedding, adding as much layering as possible."

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And the most important aspect of a good night's sleep: the mattress. Real Sleep x REAL SIMPLE gives Sandy and her family the gift of better sleep! Maegan and her team also demonstrate how to put the bed in a box mattress product together (trust us, it's easy).

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And voilá! Check out the before and after footage -- you'll relate when Sandy smiles and says, "I will definitely enjoy sleeping in this room." Even her kids look genuinely thrilled for their devoted mom. Aww.