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6 Expert Bedroom Design Tricks for a Sleep Makeover That Costs Less Than a Night at a Luxury Hotel

Some of our most important, health-affirming hours are spent trying to sleep, relax and rejuvenate our bodies (and minds) every day and night in the bedroom. Considering how much time we spend there, it's odd that our personal sleep sanctuaries are not always designed with tranquility in mind. Too-bright light, distracting TV, an overwhelming comforter and pillow situation -- it's a wonder we get any rest at all at home. Hence the need for a weekend getaway to a luxury hotel.

Enter interior design pro Raychel Wade. The New York City-based Raychel Wade Design is a full service interior design studio that focuses on "warm and inviting rooms ... blending new ideas with existing elements or creating a complete overhaul" to a space. We enlisted this beautification expert (Wade is also a long-time beauty industry pro and global ambassador for La Prairie) to share her tips and inexpensive tricks of the trade for giving your bedroom a luxury hotel-style sleep makeover -- for much less than it costs to spend one night in, say, a top Relais & Châteaux accommodation.

 1. Crib: Neutral Is Crucial

GJÖRA Bed frame birch Espevär IKEA bedroom decor interior design raychel wade

Might as well start with the pièce de résistance: Wade tells us she prefers "investing in clean, neutral bedding and then bringing it to life with some throw pillows and blankets. " This tip is also a simple, affordable way to seasonally switch up the color palette of your sleep sanctuary. "For beds, its tempting to want a custom upholstered headboard," adds Wade. "But a great way to make your dollar stretch is to use different materials." She has clients who bought IKEA's GJÖRA bed, $359, for their weekend house and stained it black. "I always remark how the room now feels like a hotel!" says Wade. 

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2. Window to Your World

raquel langworthy photography window treatment chair bedroom interior design decor raychel wade

*photo credit: Raquel Langworthy Photography 

Wade warns that custom window treatments and drapes can be the quickest path towards blowing your budget. "A great and inexpensive way to customize any window treatment is to have your local dry cleaner sew on a trim of your choice," recommends our crafty designer. "For that, my go to source is Samuel and Sons. Buy a few yards of your favorite trim and voila! You have custom window treatments." Wade also suggests applying trim to lamp shades. Doing so not only elevates simple lighting, but may also work to tie a color palette together.

3. Vision Walls

 raquel langworthy photography interior design raychel wade bedroom decor bed ceiling

*photo credit: Raquel Langworthy Photography 

Everyone's so focused on a room's four walls, they often forget there's a fifth potential canvas. "To really give your room that cozy boutique hotel feeling, look up!" says Wade. "In other words, concentrate on the ceiling. Adding a splash of color in either paint or wallpaper is a budget friendly solution to make your bedroom next level." Our expert also reminds us that since you need so much less material than if you're making over all the walls, focusing on the blank area above your head cuts costs significantly. Wade recommends Hygge & West for chic and affordable wallpaper, as well as Minted and 20x200 for inspired wall art on a budget.

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4. Focus on Floors


jute area rugs wayfair rugs bedroom decor interior design raychel wade

"Carpets and rug can drive a room cost way up," says Wade. "Try purchasing an inexpensive jute area rug, $57.99, to cover the majority of your floor and then splurge on a small one that you can layer on top of it next to your bed."  Our expert also says a small rug is another great way to bring more color into your bedroom palette.

5. Cleverly Declutter


 *photo credit: Regan Wood Photography


There's so much talk of feng shui these days, but Wade tells us she "actually likes a mix of both" clean, crisp space and what she fondly refers to as "layering." For example, she says to try "a large tray on your night stand next to your bed, with a small vase on it with flowers, maybe a couple of books ...  creating a vignette can elevate a space to feel homey but not cluttered or messy." 

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6. Deep-Six the Intrusive Tech

covent clock anthropologie bedroom decor clock vintage

"Let's all leave our phones plugged into the living room overnight, mmmkay?" says Wade. "Maybe that’s wishful thinking but if you have the dedication to do so, replacing it with an old school clock, $38, can give your bedroom a homey, hotel feel."

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