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Dirty Bedroom Secret: 27 Percent of People Only Change the Sheets Once a Month (and Some Wait Longer!)

You know that old saying about "cleanliness" being "next to godliness?" Well, turns out it's less popular than we once thought. Real Simple's Lauren Phillips recently reported on a GE Appliances survey of over 1,500 people's laundry habits and found that 27 percent only change their bedsheets once a month. Not to be judgey, but that's pretty yucky. Even worse: 11 percent of respondents typically wait even longer to change them. Meanwhile, Real Simple recommends replacing and/or washing sheets on a weekly basis.

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Here is Why Our Real Sleep Mattress is so Special

Here at Real Sleep, clean beds and eco-friendly mattresses are a priority. Made with only the cleanest and sustainable manufacturing processes in the industry, our bed in a box is one of the "greenest" in the industry for five reasons:

real sleep real simple vegan mattress

1. Our mattress contains no formaldehyde, toxic flame retardants, phthalates or ozone depleters.

2. It's never tested on animals nor developed using any animal hair (no wool or rabbit fur), i.e. it's a "vegan mattress." No animal testing is conducted in the development or testing of the mattress.

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3. Memory foam is naturally resistant to dust mites and naturally anti-microbial, so those with allergies can rest healthfully.



4. Our mattresses are CERTIPUR-US certified, which is good for you and good for the environment.

5. Real Sleep's 100% organic cotton mattress cover breathes naturally and is easy to remove and wash. This breathable cover keeps your bedding dry, which deprives bugs of the moist environment they enjoy most.

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At the end of the day (or end of the week, as the case may be), we recommend setting a day -- Saturday or Sunday morning -- where you strip the bed right after waking up. You don't need to remake the bed right away, but inevitably, you'll be forced to make it that night before crawling in and snuggling up. If you schedule in making your bed once a week the same way you plan for, say, grocery shopping, vacuuming or cleaning the tub, the routine weekly regimen will eventually start to feel like a ritual you can't sleep without.