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How Does a Bed in a Box Work?

A bed in a box is simply a way to get the best quality sleep with convenience built in. The idea of a mattress made entirely of foam and to ship by means of a box dates back to 2007 when the first company of it’s kind pushed the boundaries of the sleep tech industry. Since then, companies like Casper, Tuft & Needle, and Real Sleep by Real Simple have taken the idea and integrated their own unique technology to take beds in a box to the next level. 

Bed in a box companies make it easy to comparison shop. Unlike traditional mattress companies, these brands build around the technology that makes them stand out amongst the rest. Real Sleep by Real Simple’s mattress offers FloraFlex technology that maximizes airflow and moves heat away from the body as you sleep, a feature not offered by all bed in a box brands. The hassle free decision-making process is made even more convenient by easy setup and maintenance process. 

How is a Bed in a Box Delivered?

Beds in a box will are delivered right to your doorstep in a box that weighs between 79-102 pounds. The lightweight makes it easy for 1 or 2 people to carry the box to the bedroom, even if it’s up the stairs. Real Sleep by Real Simple even offers a handy cutter for opening the box, speeding up the process. Once the mattress is out of the box and lying on a flat surface, the memory foam should only take 2 hours or so to expand to its full size. Once that’s done, the bed is ready to be slept on.

These mattresses can lie permanently on any flat surface including a box spring, flat foundation, floor, or any other sort of adjustable base. There’s little to no maintenance when it comes to beds in a box, so once the simple setup is done, you’re good to go. Real sleep by Real Simple mattresses even come with a 10-year warranty because of their incredible durability.

The Mattress Industry is Changing

Many people are choosing to shift from a traditional mattress to a memory foam bed in a box because of their comfort and ability to alleviate pressure points along with aches and pains. The dense foam and responsive designs are made especially to contour to the shape of your body, improving circulation and mitigating pain.

If however you find that the bed in the box is not for you, most companies offer a 100-night trial period, risk free. Real Sleep by Real Simple not only offers free shipping of your mattress in a box, but they’ll remove it from your house at no cost to you if you’re not completely satisfied. They’ll even go a step above the rest and donate the mattress to a local charity or recycle it in addition to giving you a full refund. 

The process to order, set up, and sleep on a bed in a box is simple and convenient. With a hassle free decision-making process and quick turnaround when it comes to ordering the mattress and actually sleeping on it, you can’t go wrong with buying a bed in a box.