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From denial to hope. Going back to work after a long relaxing weekend? The struggle is real.

 Love the long weekends but getting your work-groove back is hard for all of us.  Here are the 8 stages of grief we all go through after a long weekend.


Seriously, was it always this loud?

2. Confusion: "What am I supposed to do again?"

What's my job? It's impossible to concentrate...maybe you'll check out some celebrity gossip to ease my way into the day.

3. Overwhelming Fear: "Oh god. So. Many. Emails."

It would be better to put off opening up your email for a few hours so you can get a little work done before the avalanche.

4. Desperation: "I need coffee immediately."

Like, a jug. Or maybe a vat.

5. Shame: "I was so much more productive before vacation."

Sure, when you knew you were going to be on the beach in 24 hours, you got everything done...

6. Bargaining: "How many more days until my next day off again?"

You're counting down to the weekend, and maybe already planning your next getaway.

7. Acceptance: "OK, I need to get something done today."

You check the time and realize you've done literally nothing and feel even worse. Why can't every day be vacation?!

8. Hope: "Finally, feeling in the groove."

Once you get all that procrastinating out of the way, you're feeling refreshed. This is why we all need a few days off, folks.