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Here Are 6 Plants to Beautify Your Bedroom for a Better Night's Sleep this Earth Day


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Since 1970, every year on April 22, we celebrate the birth of the modern environmental movement. While there are many ways to honor Mother Nature, one delightful and decidedly healthy option is to plant a garden or grow houseplants inside your home. But why stop at the backyard, kitchen or living room when one of the best places to shares your love of greenery is your own bedroom? 

As home expert Bob Villa says, "Houseplants are more than just decorative accents ... these natural household helpers reduce carbon dioxide and dust levels, and look great while doing it." Besides that, science tells us that just the presence of certain types of plants in your sleep sanctuary can help you achieve a better night's sleep. 

Below, find six expert-recommended versatile plants for the home, which are a great addition to any room, but especially fresh, inviting and even sensual in the boudoir.

1. Stimulating Succulents

succulents for sleep bedroom plants lula's garden succulent garden better sleepbedroom

When Lula's Garden, an eco-friendly online Succulent store reached out to us about these popular plants, it was a given they'd land at the top of the bedroom plants list. Not only does the company proudly support organizations that help people around the world by providing access to safe water, but the plants themselves -- from Aloe Vera to potted Cacti to our personal favorite, the Zebra-printed Haworthia Fasciata -- produce oxygen even in the dark, which provides a breath of fresh air 24/7. They're also a super trendy home decor element in Scandinavia right now, just FYI. Buy it! Lula's Garden, prices range from $25 - $125

2. Slinky Snake Plants

bedroom plant snake plant proflowers better sleep plants healthy houseplant

The pros at, where else, ProFlowers tell us that Snake Plants are a bestseller in their Breathe Happier collection. Not only that, Real Simple also recommended this green stunner as part of its recent "Indoor Plants to Detox Your Home" feature. The Sansevieria tabletop plant (commonly known as the Snake Plant) is modern and elegant, adding a touch of style to any sleep sanctuary. Even better? They simultaneously help purify the air. ProFlowers notes that the snake plant is hardy and easy to care for, and it's specially selected from plants listed in the NASA Clean Air Study. Buy it! ProFlowers TableTop Snake Plant, $39.99

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3. Fragrant Gardenia

bedroom plants gardenia household plants sleep better healthy plants home

Ah, no surprise here: My favorite perfume scent is also a top choice for a bedroom plant. The softly delicate and buttery scent of Gardenia is a popular choice for candles, so it makes perfect sense to feature the plant in your boudoir.  The experts at ProFlowers say gardenias are particularly popular and capture the attention of all who pass. This plant can be kept indoors as long as it has access to plenty of sunlight. Buy it! ProFlowers Potted Fragrant Gardenia, $39.99


4.  Mellow Peace Lily

bedroom plant peace lily best sleep household plants healthy

 Once again, the ProFlowers people tell us the Spathiphyllum plant, better known as the Peace Lily, can instill a sense of calm and style to any home's bedroom, all the while quietly purifying the air. Yet another plant featured in the Breathe Happier Collection, the Peace Lily is a vigorous, sturdy and easy to care for plant that's also listed in the NASA Clean Air Study. (Keep this plant safely out of reach from children and pets.) Buy it! ProFlowers Peace Lily Floor Plant, $59.99

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5. Glorious Golden Pothos

bedroom plants sleep better golden pathos household plants healthy proflowers

We're kind of obsessed with the plants on NASA's Clean Air Study list. This Golden Pothos tabletop plant not only helps us breathe easier by purifying the air while effectively eliminating formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, it also adds style to any sleep space. These plants thrive in moderate indoor light and they're easy to care for.  People who struggle to manage a green pinky, let alone a thumb, will rejoice that they're actually able to keep a plant alive -- this one is quite hard to kill. (Phew!) Also, the vines grow quickly, so the plant looks lovely suspended from the ceiling or above a window. Buy it! ProFlowers Golden Pathos Tabletop Plant, $39.99

6. Vivacious Chinese Evergreen Plant

bedroom plants chinese evergreen sleep healthy household safe plants

A house isn’t a home without a vibrant, lush plant like this beauty.  ProFlowers tells us its Chinese Evergreen is always a crowd favorite. This simply gorgeous, 10+ inch plant is tolerant of low light and super easy-going in terms of care. Also known as Aglaonema, they only need water once a week or so, but mist it occasionally with purified water to keep the leaves and occasional flowers clean and shiny. Considered a "generous" plant, it releases lots of oxygen into the air, neutralizes benzene and formaldehyde, and soaks up chemical vapors. Buy it! ProFlowers FTD Chinese Evergreen Plant, $119.99 

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Finally, as Real Simple reminds us, never underestimate the power of fresh flowers. Just be sure to pick a floral arrangement with a gentle scent, like garden roses, peonies, hyacinth or the aforementioned gardenia plant. They're a simple, beautiful and stylish solution to help you breathe easier and get a better night's sleep -- on Earth Day and every day.