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8 Simple Ways to Organize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

The key to sleep success is 'out of sight, out of mind.'  According to a poll from the National Sleep Foundation, the majority of the 1,500 adults (ages 25 to 55) surveyed said they sleep better in a clean, organized bedroom. You’re probably not shocked by that finding—but who has the time or energy to make a spotless, sparkling home happen?

Turns out, getting that peaceful room of your dreams is just a matter of eliminating each distraction one by one. These ultra-simple adjustments will help you get the perfect sleep-inducing space by bedtime.


1. Make Your Bed in the Morning (Really!)


2. Put All Your Clothes Away—Clean and Dirty

Toss that small mound (or, more likely, heaping pile) of dirty clothing into the hamper to clear bed and floor space—as well as headspace.


3. Cover Up Your TV

4. Charge Your Phone Outside Your Bedroom



5. Keep a Pad and Pencil on the Nightstand

Instead of spending the whole night trying to push away nagging thoughts, every time a worry creeps in, jot it down and get back to sleep.


6. Keep Your Bed Clutter-Free

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning when you’re surrounded by stray throw pillows, clothes, or other clutter. Keep it clear, simple and free of excess for better sleep.


7. Rethink Your Nightstand

Sweep your nightstand free of clutter so that you don’t have any lingering distractions while you’re trying to wind down. 


8. Add a Purifying Plant

 It's not all about getting rid of something. With all your new space, add a couple of spider plants or aloe vera. They not only brighten your room, they clean out and purify the air so you sleep more soundly.

Take some time today to clean up, get organized and get ready for better sleep!