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why do we dream

Why Do We Dream When We Sleep

Dreams are natural occurrences that start the day we’re born. Whether you remember them or not, they happen every single night during your deepest ...
sleep and aging

How to Get a Good Night’s Rest When You Are Over 50

Getting a good night’s rest is hard enough when you’re young, but believe it or not it gets even tougher as you age. Getting older means having tro...
25 Foods That Help You Sleep

25 Foods That Help You Sleep

The things you eat can actually impact the quality of sleep you have at night. Mostly, the foods that are beneficial for sleep contain high levels ...
menopause and sleep

The Relationship Between Menopause and Sleep

  Menopause, a natural process that all women go through, can be a time of misery for some. The average age for women in the United States to start...
sleeping problems from pregnancy

How To Sleep During Pregnancy

While pregnancy is a time of happiness and excitement, discomfort is no stranger. Your body undergoes a multitude of changes and can affect your mo...
how to increase your sex drive

How To Increase Your Sex Drive With Sleep

Sleep has the ability to affect pretty much everything you do, and sex is no exception. Getting the recommended 7-9 hours per night can be tricky w...
how to get good sleep

How to Get Good Sleep when Life is so Busy

Getting quality sleep at night is a struggle for most people who lead busy lives. You could be stressed about anything from crunching the numbers f...

Healthy Sleep Patterns to Fight Morning Fatigue

For something as inherently simple as falling asleep, it’s not particularly easy. Many people report having a hard time falling asleep at night, ev...
get younger looking skin

Get Younger Looking Skin With Great Sleep

Getting the correct amount of sleep per night is important for your overall health but also for your appearance. When you sleep better, you feel be...
benefits of sleep

Benefits of Sleep You Didn't Know About

Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night isn’t just recommended so that you can feel refreshed in the morning. There are actually many benefits of s...
destress before bed

5 Great Ways To De-stress Before Bed

Stress is one of the top reported reasons for a restless and short nights sleep. Anxiety and worry, whether temporary or constant, are actually the...

EllyViolet Gets Real Sleep by Real Simple

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